The Comenius Institute recognizes with the maximum degree Doctor Honoris Causa outstanding humanists, researchers, thinkers and academics.


First article: The Director of the Comenius Institute have the sole right to propose to the University Council the granting of an Honorary Doctorate.

Second article: The proposal shall be made to the University Council and shall be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a letter of application, highlighting the reasons and merits for which it is considered that the candidate meets the qualifications to be distinguished with the degree of Honorary Doctorate.

Third article: The degree is awarded without consideration of nationality, credo or race to whom have done an exceptional work, publicly recognized in the fields of education, science, humanities, technology, culture or social development. In the case of candidates of equal merit should be preferred to those who have carried out a work that is relevant to Mexico and has made significative contributions to the cultural or scientific development to our country.

Fourth Article: The requirements for granting recognition of Doctor Honoris Causa are:
    a) Recognized professionalism and integrity;
    b) 20 years of professional work (in the case of academics);
    c) Local,national and international recognition
    d) Contributions to the society;
    e) Outstanding academic and / or research, artistic, humanitarian, technological or social activity 
    f) Outstanding contributions in any field of science and the arts;
    g) Great value for the benefit of institutions, countries or humanity;
    h) Press Publications and / or articles.
Fifth Article:The degree of Doctor Honoris Causa will be conferred by a diploma, mentioning the name of the recipient, the reason that has earned the distinction conferred, the date of the award ceremony and the motto of the University. It will be signed at the bottom by the Academic Director and Administrative Director of the Instituto Comenius.

Sixth Article: Date of the ceremony of recognition is subject to the agenda of honored person.

Seventh Article: The honorary title given is not equivalente to an academic degree.


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